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Herbal / Bio Pesticides
Alfa Agritech
ALFA Herbal / Bio Pesticides provides the most effective, economic and lasting control of major pests of agricultural and plantation crops. It is the most environment friendly pesticides, highly biodegradable and leaves no residues on the food stuff.
Herbal / Bio Fungicides
Alfa Agritech
ALFA Herbal / Bio Fungicides are specially formulated to immediately inactive the fungal spores and mycelia of the disease causing organisms most optimally within a few hours of its applications. The net effect is that the spread of diseases is almost instantaneously stopped. This apart, the treated plants quickly become vigorous and productive.
Growth Promoters
Alfa Agritech
Plant Growth Promoters are substances which improve the overall health growth and development of plants. These substances may be either synthetically produced or obtained from Biological derivatives. Plant Growth Promoters (PGP) are effective in improving the crop, quality and productivity significantly. PGPs especially biological derivatives are more affective and safe. They can be recommended for all crops. Trials have shown that the Biological derivatives are used as PGPs, there is an assured increase in yield upto 20%.
Alfa Agritech
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